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Article "About a problem of users protection from negative influence of electronic technique" by Anatoly Pavlenko. Extract from Sochi international scientific conference "Torsion fields and information interaction" report more

"Vernada" equipment for protecting living systems from negative impact of cellular network base-station antennas test reportmore

Statement based on results of scientific-and-research work "Examination of the effect of cellphones on the immune status of their users and verification of a possibility of its protection using the "spinor" device" more

Report on investigations on Spinor protective device in laboratory of immunology, Kyiv city Oncological Hospital Central Department of Health of Kyiv more

of the tests of A SpinTel device for living systems protection against adverse influence of antennas of mobile telephone base stations more
Extract from the book "survivre au téléphone mobile et aux réseaux sans fil" more
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