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How to use

Please place the Forpost-1 device as follows: for LCD and plasma TV sets, LCD monitors - under or above the TV set (PC monitor) in any place convenient to you; for TV sets and PC monitors with cathode ray tube - in front of TV set (PC monitor) in a few centimetre distance.

For neutralization of the negative influencing of cars electronics it is enough to put (to fasten) "Forpost-1" device in any convenient for you place before the lever of gear-box.

The device does not demand any power supply, does not create any troubles in work of monitors, TV sets and other electronic devices.
Conclusion of Public Heals Ministry of Ukraine № 05.03.02-04/62565 from 21.12.2006.
A warranty period of "Forpost-1" device operation - not less than 7 years.

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