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About a problem of users protection from negative influence of electronic technique

Anatoly Pavlenko
Professor, Acamedician of International Academy of Bioenergy Technologies, Ukraine

This article is devoted to issues of protection against negative influence on users of monitors of the personal computer, TVs, and mobile phones.

The goal of this article is to draw people’s attention to a dangerous psychological mechanism of adaptation to more than real ecological threat and to discuss concepts of human protection from the negative influence of most radio- and electrical devices, systems, machines etc.

The number of PC, cell phones users is steadily growing. Especially alarming is the increase in the number of children affected by electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, the study of possible harmful consequences of a wide introduction of the mentioned electronic equipment is one of the pressing problems of these days.

Among physical factors affecting a user, electromagnetic fields (the EMF) generated by a PC, mobile phones, etc. draw the greatest interest. It can be explained by the fact that there is a significant number of data items about increasing risk of generation of some tissues during industrial exposition of users to the EMF of various frequency and intensity as well as abnormalities of immune and endocrine systems. As for PC users, there are separate, not always proved statements about the rise in the risk of brain-growth, increased number of miscarriages among women-operators, etc.

The experimental research conducted in the USA with volunteers’ participation with the goal to study the mobile phones’ influence upon users revealed an extreme degree of the risk of brain-growth generation among the latter. The data about this research can be found in Although the use of special measures, such as various build-in protective means, the use of protective filters, reduced voltage at the anodes of a cathode-ray tube, etc. allow practically completely weaken the ultraviolet and soft X-radiation, electrostatic and electromagnetic fields (by 98-99%), one still cannot claim that the most up-to-date computers and so-called “bio-TV-sets” are biologically safe systems. A working group of the World Health Organization, which considers hygienic aspects associated with the use of the PC and radio terminals, discovered the number of health disturbances among users of the mentioned equipment.

There are more and more contradictions between precise physical measurements and biological effects whose essence cannot be explained. Many scientists consider torsion fields as an information component of any electromagnetic radiation to be one of unknown factors of the negative influence upon PC, cell phones users.

Doctors and biologists have begun to pay a close attention to the problem of torsion fields.

Let us present the facts that prove the above-said.

V.P.Kaznacheev (the Scientific Center of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, SD of the Russian Academy for Medical Sciences, the International Research Institute of Cosmic Anthropoecology, Russia, Novosibirsk) proposed a general conception of the interaction between spinor-torsion fields and living matter, including the effects of hilarity and heliocosmic imprinting. A transfer of chemical and biological information from one biochemical or biological object to another by means of torsion fields was discovered. In particular, it was shown that a cellular structure changed by a virus, poison or another factor induces its pathological condition through fields in optical range in an intact culture.

The peculiarities of cultures growth during a solar eclipse, planets parade and other cosmoplanetary phenomena proves a very deep interaction between biological systems and cosmogeophysical currents.

Scientists assume that living systems are not only protein-nucleic structures, but also structures that use spin-torsion mechanisms. Using torsion fields of opposite direction, they managed to simulate a possibility to transfer conditions that reflect the past and the future of a cellular structure to this structure.

For the last two decades the term “biological field’ has been intensively used both in competent scientific sphere and in “near-scientific spheres” at the same time becoming habitual, being used almost always while explaining these or those phenomena of interaction. The term “biological field” needs to be properly explained, since very often it is associated only with weak electromagnetic fields existing during the vital functions of these or those bio objects, which fact significantly constricts the contents of this notion.

Undoubtedly, all four fundamental types of interaction participate in its characteristics formation, within the limits of their physical competence. However, the entire accumulated empirical experience points out that a bio field interaction is multifarious and it is impossible neither to imagine it as a simple sum of four main fundamental types of interaction nor to reduce it to only one type of the interactions.

Now it is becoming clear that this specific type of interaction occurs between objects of the animate and inanimate nature. There is a necessity in deep and versatile analysis of the accumulated experimental materials, data, and hypotheses propounded by various researches in various times.

O.G. Havrysh (the Institute for Bioorganic Chemistry and Petrochemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev), proceeding with the works by V.P. Kaznacheev and A.G. Gurvich, developed a torsion model of a cell, in which he evolved the conception about the cell as a whole. In his works O.G. Havrysh emphasizes that A.G. Gurvich had never expressed his opinion about the physical nature of a biological field and, even more so, he had never reduced it to a mitogenetic radiation, having devoted about 30 years to the study of this radiation. A. Gurvich realized that any of the known physical interactions does not correspond to the properties of the biological field discovered by him.

The principles of the “fifth” fundamental physical field – the torsion one – have been theoretically formulated and experimentally proved within the last century. The properties of torsion fields (in particular, non-energetic, axial character of their manifestation) coincide in a remarkable manner with the properties of the biological fields discovered by A.G. Gurvich. The works devoted to the biological field of the Monterey Institute for Study of Alternative Healing Arts (MISAHA), Carmel, California, are widely known in the USA.

In particular, Cavely Savva, who proposed his theory of a biofield and a cybernetic model of an organism, notes that a physical carrier of the biofield must be at least one presently unknown fundamental physical field that can interact with the known fundamental physical force fields: electromagnetic and gravitational ones.

Having called this carrier of the biological field “X-interaction”, Savva gives a number of examples from well-known publications claiming that the “X-interaction” cannot be reduced to any of the known fundamental interactions. Savva points at the number of characteristics of the “X-interaction”, including: interaction with weak (intranuclear) forces; acceleration and deceleration of 241 Am nuclear decay (Yan Hing and others, 1998, 2002); low-temperature nuclear transmutation of lead into gold over a psi-operator (laboratory of the Texas A&M University, Bockris, Savva, 1999); interaction with magnetic fields: rotation of the polarization plane of a laser beam (Dulnev, 1995, Yan Hing, 1998); increase in adsorption and dispersion of a monochromatic laser radiation (with the wave-length of 10,6 micrometers) in the atmosphere (Volchenko, 1992); excitement of a periodical electrical signal in a piezoelectric sensor (Ye and Fan, 1983), etc. (in total – about 8 examples); displacement of a plate, the force required for this being equal to 100 mg. (Dulnev, 1998).

Moreover, there were presented the publications about the operators’ influence on industrial equipment, about the influence of the “X-interaction” on animate organisms.

Taking into consideration all said above, Savva comes to the conclusion that a physical carrier of the biological field and biological information is the “X-interaction”, with its characteristics being as follows: it cannot be weakened by any known screens; it influences effectively, irrespective of a distance, in contrast to the known physical fields such as the gravitational and electromagnetic ones. The mentioned characteristics of the “X-interaction” coincide with the known characteristics of the torsion field, in which connection one may claim that the “Xinteraction” is a kind of the torsion field.

The Savva’s hypothesis proceeds from the ideas about an organism as a self-regulating cybernetic, thermodynamically open system, in which the biological field is a central system of the organism control operating non-locally, i.e. not on the basis of chemical interactions and including the fundamental life programs: development, maintenance (energy consumption and distribution, immunity, etc.), reproduction, and death. The mind that includes the memory, the set of reactions and the mechanism of sense extraction from the flow of the information being perceived is also a constituent of the bio field ensuring a behavioral aspect of the fundamental programs.

S.A. Evstratov and O.P. Resunkova (the Academy of National Security, Saint-Petersburg, Russia) introduce the following working definition into the discussion: a biological field – is a fundamental scientific metaphysical conception allowing to give on qualitative and quantitative levels model descriptions of the interactions between objects of animate nature as well as between objects of animate and inanimate nature using terms of the categories and structures borrowed from the modern theoretical physics and biology.

As it was stated above, scientists associate the attempts to scientifically explain the reasons for negative influence on a user of a PC protected by modern means with the influence of torsion fields, or to be more precise, with the torsion component of the video terminal’s electromagnetic radiation. It is proved that any electromagnetic field has a torsion component, or a torsion field, which can be defined as an information field transferring “torsion” information about processes occurring in physical objects.

In contrast to electromagnetic fields, which possess a central asymmetry, torsion ones possess an axial asymmetry, and the polarization created during this in the form of spatial cones corresponds in one direction to a right, and in another direction – to a left torsion field. The information structures created by topological forms are called form static torsion fields.

A video terminal is an information-field structure formed by the interfaces of material objects of various physical compositions fulfilling the transformation of information contained in a modulated cathode beam into visual information.

The bulb of a cathode-ray tube forms a specific geometrical structure of the information field, whose contours repeat its form. This field is called a background static torsion field. It is not intensive; however, its sustained influence has the negative impact on a user due to the effect of accumulation.

The very fact of artificially generated torsion influence on a human being of practically all domestic appliances, devices, personal computers, TV sets, etc. requires the introduction of new regulations ensuring guaranteed properties of a working place and a rest place.

Maximum permissible rates (MPR) underlie the hygienic criteria of the estimation of insalubrity and danger of electromagnetic radiation and accompanying torsion component. These rates have not yet been developed for many types of electromagnetic fields and radiation. According to the definition, MPR – are the rates that during their systematic influence for the working period and following life periods do not lead to diseases caused by the EMF and discovered using up-to-date investigation methods.

The first MPR, applicable only to an electric constituent in the medium frequencies range, were established in 1955. The following years saw the process of accumulation of experimental, clinical, hygienic data and formation of principle methodical approaches to MPR regulation.

The methods of hygienic standardization had been created by the end of the 70s. They are as follows:
1. MPR cannot be calculated using specific accumulated rating (SAR), i.e. it is impossible to take into account the peculiarities of the interaction of the EMF exactly with a biological object; moreover, there are differences in the mechanisms of low and high levels of the EMF with various modulation parameters, resonance phenomena, etc.
2. It is medical parameters that should be leading ones during the hygienic standardization and not some technical parameters and their technical accessibility. The hygienic regulations have to disclose unknown influence factors accompanying the EMF, stimulate the development of devices and control means allowing to single out this or that constituent from total flux of radiation, promote the generation of new technical ideas aimed at the creation of really safe equipment and technologies.

Clinical research is one of the most important stages of the hygienic standardization. The functions peculiar only to a human being are studied during clinical trials.

A man-user is a complex torsion system of strongly individual torsion field carrying among others the information about his/her health condition. The complexity of the human’s torsion field is caused by the huge number of chemical substances in his/her organism, complex dynamics of biochemical transformations in process of vital activity and by other factors as well.

The investigations of the torsion generator’s impact on blood were conducted in October 1996 in the Center of Energoinformation Technologies attached to the Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics under scientific leadership of a doctor of technical sciences Prof. G.N. Dulnev.

Those investigations consisted of two series of tests of torsion generator’s (TG) radiation influence on blood.

The first preliminary series investigated the influence of torsion radiation on parameters of a clinical blood test: hemoglobin, erythrocytes, leukocytes, stab neutrophiles, eosinophiles, lymphocytes, monocytes and erythrocytes sedimentation rate. The second series studied the properties of fields using the erythrocytes sedimentation rate (ESR), which is the most sensitive to their influence parameter.

The researchers investigated the change in parameters of a clinical test of blood taken from fingers of two volunteers to glass capillary tubes after their following irradiation by a torsion generator (TG). Investigations were carried out in cycles. Each cycles was composed of the following stages:

a) a blood count from each volunteer (in total two glass capillary tube);
b) irradiation of the capillary tubes by a TG (except for the check first cycle);
c) a clinical test of the blood from the capillary tubes. In total, five cycles were conducted:
- 1 - a check cycle, without irradiation;
- 2 - 5 with various modes of TG operation (left and right polarization during the maximum and minimum voltage of the torsion generator).

The analysis of the obtained data allows to conclude that among the parameters of a clinical blood test the erythrocytes sedimentation rate (ESR) appeared to be the most sensitive to the TG radiation. The values of the ESR of both patients increased 4-5 times compared to the background values depending on radiation parameters. The change in other clinical blood test parameters is in the range of inaccuracy of their definition methods.

Only the ESR parameter was used for the following research as the most informative one, i.e. the ESR parameter can be used for the registration and estimation of torsion generator’s radiation properties. The increase in the ESR up to 35-40 mm/h proves the fact of the negative influence of torsion fields of the used generators on a human organism. We should mention here an increasing role of Ukrainian scientists in the development of the torsion direction.

The FORPOST-1 device

At present time in the world and particularly in Ukraine were developed advanced technologies allowing to minimize the negative influence of various types of radiation, which fact has a national significance. Patents were taken for devices for user’s protection from the negative impact of the torsion radiation of PC displays, TV-sets, cell phones, Earth’s geopathogenic zones, radiation of electric motor-cars’ equipment on drivers and passengers, etc. The decisions to grant patents for the arc welding method and metal microstructure correction method were obtained.

The FORPOST-1 device for PC user protection from the negative influence of torsion fields generated by a PC is far-famed in Ukraine.

The protective technique uses the idea of the deflection of the left torsion field affecting a human being on 180 degrees and its superposition with the right torsion field, which is behind the PC display, resulting in mutual compensation of the mentioned fields. As a result, a safe area in front of and behind the display is formed. In other words, the principle of the interaction between left torsion fields and the proper torsion field of the protective device is used.

The FORPOST-1 device went through the number of medical-biological trials in medical institutions of Kiev, Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk with the aim to establish the presence of a harmful influence of PC displays’ torsion fields on users and to determine the effectiveness of protection of the latter from the mentioned negative impact with the help of this protective device. In particular, in the Ukrainian Kyiv Scientific Hygienic Center the trials were conducted with the help of a GDV-Camera hardware complex, which registers the luminescence of human fingers in a high voltage field (gas discharge visualization method, Kirlian effect).

These devices save information – bioenergograms - as images in a computer after corresponding processing by a fiber-optics system and a digital videoblaster. Special programs mathematically process the obtained bioelectrograms (BEO-grams) allowing, on the basis of quantitative evaluation of images’ parameters, to conduct an express diagnosis and monitoring of a psychosomatic condition of a human being in general as well as of the energetics of his/her internal organs.

The GDV-Camera complex is successfully used in the research practice in medicine for the estimation of various influences on a human organism, including the influence of allopathic and homeopathic remedies, psycho and physical therapy.

In particular, the GDV-Camera is used as a complimentary diagnostic device for determination of functional conditions of Russian Federation Army highly-maneuverable planes pilots.

All investigation showed that the use of a FORPOST-1 protective device provides a medical-biological protection for a person against the torsion radiation of displays and Tvsets, liquid crystal displays, control equipment, mobile phones, etc. as well as prevents the following: the negative influence of the mentioned torsion fields on the immune, endocrine and reproduction systems, and genetic apparatus; disorder of the nervous and cardiovascular systems; abnormality of cerebrum operation, pathology of a visual analyzer, and upper respiratory tract, and fatigue and tension of a PC operator during work.

The FORPOST-1 protective device can be used: by students in computer classes of high and average educational institutions; at work places of operators PC of enterprises in different spheres of management and service; by operators of machine-tool which equipped with computer; by drivers of transportation utilities, by machinists of railways and underground; by machinists of industrial electro transport facilities; the car drivers; in computer gaming automatons and systems of data processing, intended for public use; the type-writers of classical design and cash devices, equipped with displays. It can be used in army subdivisions (radar, communications), in security services (the systems of imaging observations and checking).

The FORPOST-1 device is also absolutely essential to workers of that professions, which spend the most of their work time in contact with office equipment: to accountants, economists and workman of banks; to employees of security services; to journalists and employees of television, editorial offices, publishers and agencies; to programmers, designers, constructors, IT workman; to traffic managers, tram and trolleybus conductor, workman of enterprises of communications, workers of trade network; to office employee, secretaries and managers.

Torsion meters

Instrument measuring complex ТСМ-030, having differential torsion input and orthogonal torsion outcome, has allowed to lead metrological works on measurement torsion field. Gauges specified above devices of series ТСМ are elements on the basis of substances with a high level of the internal structural organization: ferrite and ferroelectrics. In the further the gauge on the basis of structural instability of material (W) has been developed.

This gauge is used in device SADAF-08LC which now is in pre-production operation, it has two laser beam contacts to objects, an output on LPT-port of a computer, and also the corresponding software allowing independently, without participation of the operator, to spend various measuring works, including of monitoring torsion field object. In comparison with previous development ТСМ-030, complex SADAF-08LC has the built in double laser contact to object of measurement which can be presented in the form of the electronic image.

The complex has the new resistive gauge of thin fields where the effect of change of volumetric resistance to a direct current due to reorientation free electrons in metal or the semiconductor is carried out, with increased approximately in 10 time sensitivity and approximately in 20 times the speed, the built in operative memory, system of automatic control.

An IGA-1 device (indicator of geological abnormalities) reacting to torsion fields has recently entered the Russian market. In particular, one can determine areas safe to PC users when using this device.

Mobile phones

In spite of the fact that producers categorically denied possibility of the negative influencing of mobile phones on users and keep silence in relation to known them to the factors of the negative influencing, radiations of mobile phones remains an important problem. Researches of the European scientists showed that the negative influencing took a place at gene level. Don’t accept the industry denials that mobile phones are safe Your cell phone is a microwave transmitter and it should bear a cancer warning. Brain cancer and cell phone risk is real. Microwave promotes rapid cell aging.

The “SPINOR” offers practical and convenient protection against the harmful effects of a torsion (information) fields emitted from devices such as cell phones, cordless phones wireless routers and electrical office and household equipment and appliances. The technology protects the entire body no matter where the device is held.

An especially large risk is presented by mobile phones for children. Newest device „SPINOR” substantially reduces the negative influencing of mobile phones. It is scientifically proved that talks on protected mobile phone are safe.

Tests of devices, conducted in Ukraine, Russia, France, Switzerland, Belgium confirmed protective properties of device. Guarantee term of action – 7 years.

A device is simple in the use. Stick the “SPINOR” on the body of cell phones and cordless phones or behind the speaker on flip style phones or on the electrical source body when using computers, photocopying machines, microwave ovens, or any electrical household appliance. Safe “SPINOR” is scientifically designed to eliminate biological effects induced by the torsion (information) fields.

Check of efficiency of protective properties "SPINOR" has been lead in October 2005 in France. In experiment took part firm of France “SARL TELLUS” (A.Rusanov, manager), firm of Russia “Equaldor Center for innovations and advanced” (A.Kosov, manager), firm of Ukraine “Spinor International” (A.Pavlenko, manager).


Device „SPINOR” neutralizes the torsion component of electromagnetic emission of mobile phones; protective properties are transferred from the protected phone to the unprotected one; the transfer of protective properties does not depend on the distance between subscribers.


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