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Article by Kaznacheev V.P. published in “Physics of consciousness and life, cosmology and astrophysics”, №1,2002, Kyiv (International Scientific Research Institute of Cosmic Anthropoecology, 2, Academic. Timakov Str., Novosibirsk, Russia, 630117)

Consciousness and Physics presenting the analysis of the results of the advanced scientific investigations conducted under the direction of Kaznacheev V. P. during 40 years at the Institute of Clinic and Experimental Medicine of SB RAMS and the International Scientific Research Institute of Cosmic Anthropoecology and dedicated to the study of the influence of physical fields, including vacuum-torsion ones, on biological objects: cells, bacteria, etc. The author describes the experiments on the changing of human consciousness in the special devices, named Kozyrev mirrors, with the obtaining of the clairvoyance effects. The transfer of chemical and biological information from one biochemical or biological object to another by means of the spinor-torsion fields was found. The role of field holograms in live substance functioning and the origin of the homo sapiens species are discussed. The concepts "Kozyrev hologram" and "Kozyrev space", which allow to explain the observed effects, are considered. The author proposes the general conception of interaction between spinor-torsion fields and live substance, including the effects of chirality and heliocosmic imprinting.Keywords: physics of consciousness, spinor field, torsion field, biology, cell, information transfer, Kozyrev hologram, Kozyrev space, human, ecology, field hologram, hormesis, chirality, health, live substance, biophysics, heliocosmic imprinting, Minkovskiy-Einstein space. Below we present a brief version of the article. Nowadays humanity as a specific live substance form possessing intelligence and mind experiences the acceleration in its evolution. In the beginning of new century we observe not only the intensification of the mechanisms and processes of co-evolution, technosphere and humanity, not only the growing crises: biosphere, ecological, climatic ones. One more process not sufficiently studied by the science should be emphasized in this overall picture. Mankind having thought and mind as a whole, possessing scientific thought as a planetarium phenomenon, as Vernadsky V.I. defined it, more and more feels its own co-evolution, as strange it may sound, in mutual adaptation of itself, its everyday side, physical notion, biosphere complex to its intelligence, its socially-generalized mind.The intelligence uniting mankind, realizing in technical, astrophysical, geological and other cultural and spiritual aspects is moving somewhere. Where is the planet intelligence moving, where is its intellectual “generalized mind” moving, providing the conditions for its “humaneness”, for own continuation in generations, for own seeming immortality, for own happiness and well-being? If we apply to the present achievements in psychology, psycholinguistics, psychoanalysis, psychiatry, we could say that it is still about empiric accumulation of material. In essence, it is the widening of some behavioristic tendencies, when psychiatrists and psychologists regard human behavior together with his actions, anamnesis, recollections, past as the “subject-object” system. For a subject-researcher the observed people are the object. While for the people observed by the specialists these specialists are the object. Thus, today the “subject-object” problem puts questions for us. How much does the resolving ability, intellectual capability – all-penetrating ability of both intellectual and “acceptor sensor machine” of a researcher correspond to the scales and reserves of a researcher so that he or she could understand psychological, psychic, emotional processes on conscious and subconscious levels of the observed people? Today it must be declared that our scientific community did not create a basic principle for our intelligence, our consciousness, and everything comes to empiric generalizations that are posed as fundamental ones (frequently only with the aim to enhance the prestige) [Фромм Э., 1994].In this work while examining the interactions between consciousness and physics we consider the physics to be the science that studies the world in its infinite manifold – from the microcosm to the universe rather that the code of canons. Vernadsky V.I. introduced the notion of “live substance” that obeys the above-mentioned laws. He clearly showed that the interaction between live substance as a natural phenomenon, including a human being and his activity, and inert substance is realized through the biogeochemical exchange stream realizing entropy and negentropy evolutionary mechanisms. Owing to the latter, there is always live substance constantly being in the state of stable imbalance, permanent phase change of the second type.Thus, the examined problem of the XXI century comes to an answer on the question: “Where are the basic mechanisms of our essence, our consciousness?”. Thus, it was reflected in the title of the present work. Examining the evolution, one can notice that there is some discrepancy in the notion of health that was defined in the works of the World Public Health Organization and now accepted as the standard of psychic, social and economic well-being. In the mentioned definition there is a positive side, however, it does not reflect the laws of evolution of well-being itself, the laws of evolution of health.The article describes the research work aimed at the creation of new technologies based on the Kozyrev's ideas and realized at the International Scientific Research Institute of Cosmic Anthropology [Kaznacheev V.P., 1999]. The part of the preliminary work had been done at the Medical Institute of Novosibirsk, at the Institute of Clinic and Experimental Medicine of SB RAMS during 40 years. The scientists constructed a generator irradiating ether-dynamic stream of ether (vacuum) heterogeneity described in the works by D'atlov V.L. [1988], Akimov A.E., Shipov G.I. [1996], Dmitriev A.N. [1997], etc. If such generator “twists” ether (vacuum) stream to the left (anticlockwise) (left torsion fields), then tissue cultures (human cells), [Kaznacheev V.P., 1999], begin actively reproduce, while the synthesis of albumen and polysaccharides goes in its ordinary way. During the alteration of the ether (vacuum) stream rotation direction to the right (right torsion fields) the following effect is initiated: there are no mitoses, however, albumen synthesis in cells, the activity of their genomes are incredibly high in all cases. During the experiments we altered “Kozyrev hologram” – a “hologram” records the past, present and future – resulting in the change of a gene and cell genome function. It appears to be that with the help of up-to-date technologies one can modulate a “Kozyrev hologram” as well as one can try to investigate this phenomenon on live and inert substance.Then, an interesting effect is described: a test-tube with insulin is placed into a Kozyrev generator (a kind of torsion generator), vacuum-torsion space “reads” information from insulin molecules, then the obtained information penetrates a human organism through skin causing change in glucose concentration in blood of an examinee as during direct influence of insulin. Thus, with the help of “Kozyrev hologram” information can be transferred into a genome, and it can change fermentative-genetic processes in live substance. Here we come across with unknown organism barrier mechanisms resisting the intrusion of new information by vacuum-torsion fields. The matter concerns “vacuum-torsion immunity". It seems that one should seek many secrets and chemical factors effects in this phenomenon. What is the part of such “immunity” in the mechanisms of our consciousness? The author demonstrates as well the effect of spinor-torsion irradiation influence on various substances. Now it is not worth mentioning a big number of contradictions existing in the modern interpretations of chemists and whose scientists who explain cells genome activity as a function of energoinformational field processes. For us it is undoubtedly that a genome is a carrier of “Kozyrev hologram” during constant interaction with the environment – it is a complex information-field process. The following experiment is described: a ferment that decomposes starch is placed into a torsion irradiator. If such spinor-torsion streams irradiated by a generator are directed on starch solution, then the influence of these streams causes the starch to be decomposed in the way it occurs with amylase. The matter concerns the fact that amylase memory as topographic reflection in Kozyrev space can be transferred into starch. In the check experiment it does not happen. This example illustrates how one can use the property of “Kozyrev hologram” in up-to-date technologies. Let consider one more experiment, not less amazing one. An inductor of genes expression is placed into a torsion field. The genes themselves - the germ cultures Bactcoli - are outside the generator at a distance of one meter. If a factor of gene expression is introduced into the generator, vacuum-torsion stream getting into a culture of germ community begins to stimulate the production of angiogenine. Here we see an illustration of memory transfer, in essence, an illustration of consciousness transfer when an inductor with its proper memory in vacuum-torsion streams transfers information into a cell culture. If an examined object (a human being) is placed in right-handed or left-handed vacuum-torsion stream (the stream having high informational density – in contrast to energy value that is low because the torsion generator is powered by a weak battery), then one can notice the typical alteration of encephalogram only during single process. Such procedures with the change in blood flow of cerebrum were repeatedly revealed. At the International Scientific Research Institute of Cosmic Anthropology (ISRICA, Novosibirsk) many international programs were elaborated, for example, “Helios”, where we can reproduce the entire dynamics of heliocosmic activity for the last 100 years and connect it with a specific man, ovule fertilization stage he originated from. At the Scientific Center of Clinic and Experimental Medicine of SB RAMS the phenomenon of imprinting, the memorization of heliocosmic space state were discovered; now we are searching for means to operate this space. Some astonishing properties of “Kozyrev mirrors” were discovered during the experiments. Using these properties we can concentrate “energy-time” around our investigator or patient. The original generators of various combinations of vacuum-torsion streams were approved.The combination of “Kozyrev mirrors” with laser therapy was examined, including the search on the Earth surface for positive spinor-torsion areas, utilization of trans-personal connections leading to new technologies of telecommunications (independent communications) [Kaznacheev V.P., 1999]. This is the new “vacuum (ether) pharmacology” and eventually new principles of planetary intelligence formation that can constitute future foundation for international program of co-evolution and human survival, his health. We are taking the liberty to forecast that in the nearest years of the XXI century special laboratories, special institutes orientated towards the research on “vacuum (ether) pharmacology” will be opened. New and already known compounds of the natural environment will be tested there. It is especially concerns the compounds used in homeopathy, hormesis, and new bioinformational technologies. These are the new perspectives that allow to get free from “pharmacological money shell”. It is already evident that wider and wider field of general pathology is opening – phenomenon of vital insufficiency: vital sufficiency – realization of biosocial program of an individual, his optimal vital cycle. Well-known nosologies are merely syndromes of this phenomenon. To sum it up, we should return to the fundamental problems of the nature of live substance existing on our planet. A number of assumptions were put forward above. Their essence is that any organic, cell structures (probably, it concerns as well intercellular structures), i.e. all that is called live substance in protein-nuclein and field variants should be considered in two ways. From the position of heterotrophic thermodynamics the oxidation process is autotrophic thermodynamics of plants owing to sun and space irradiation assimilation (these processes are well examined). However, all processes of autotrophy in plants and heterotrophy in heterotrophic forms apparently go with the autotrophy of second type, obligatory assimilation and absorption of cosmic streams called “Kozyrev holograms” being referred to this type. Informational-energetic streams thus constitute the deepest fundamental property of live substance on the Earth.Among the works already quoted by the author of this article (D'atlov V.L. [1988], Akimov A.E., Shipov G.I. [1996], Dmitriev A.N. [1997]) we would like to point to the work by D'atlov V.L. [1988]. In our opinion, it possesses potential extension in the noted process study: if with the help of heterogeneous physical vacuum theory a number of known phenomena, planetary-cosmic effects in inert substance can be explained, then there is a hope to obtain an explanation to the phenomena connected with live substance.Let's return to the work by Vernadsky V.I.[1980, p.286]: “It is possible that our planet does not have dissymmetric phenomena (except life) in the biosphere, but passing through the space regions possessing these phenomena, it can enter region of right dissymmetry of this type, i.e. it can stand in the conditions of the field of right dissymmetry where life can be conceived. Surely, the existence of this field does not cause at all the appearance of life, but its absence excludes this process”. How should we consider chirality in respect to vacuum heterogeneous biothermodynamics? We can assume that chirality – molecules in stereo-spatial state – is conditioned not only by chemical and biochemical properties, it is as well the expression of heterogeneous vacuum streams in their chirality; we wrote about this in the work [Kaznacheev V.P., 1999]. When we create spinor-torsion streams in our technologies, then, apparently, deep fundamental influence spreads over spatial-vacuum-heterogeneous structures. This causes their secondary (chemical, biophysical and organic) changes. Probably, on this level there is the absorption of the above-mentioned streams that change (perhaps owing to transmutation of heavy isotopes of atoms into light ones, etc.) vacuum-thermodynamic, energy mechanism laid into the basis of initial fundamental autotrophy of life substance in its field expression. On the basis of this physical field (in the Kozyrev “energy-time” space) all the others are formed.It can be supposed that the transfer from bacteria to bisexual form of reproduction (when male and female species appear or when some bacterial structures “impregnate” others) is connected with the fact that single chirality (aminoacid, polysaccharide and more complex forms – it is connected with nuclein structure of genome) is not sufficient. When insufficiency occurs in thermodynamic vacuum-ether field, there is a necessity in combination of two species for chirality to occur. Chirality determines autotrophy, initial-fundamental autotrophy, characterizes fundamental nature of any cell.In the “Kozyrev mirrors”, in our spinor-torsion processes our organisms, locating on the planet surface in some heterogeneous conditions of vacuum, constantly function in stably thermodynamic nonequilibrium. Hence their further (secondary) consenescence occurs because autotrophy fades away. Probably, it can be prolonged thanks to our new technologies or liquid-crystal structure of water, its memory, food additions, torsion processes that can be upgraded and directed not only towards brain and body but as well towards cambial structures. The change of heliocosmic cyclic recurrence is apparently the basis of what we call heliocosmic imprinting – ovum fertilization by a spermatozoon is connected with the addition of X, Y-chromosomes to chirality. It is possible that XY or XX numbers of chromosomes that differ in their genetic characteristics (they exchange their places in female organisms) bear in them definite technological processes. It is possible that on this level there is the beginning of transmutation mechanisms, processes lately determining dynamics of any our cell and intercellular interactions. If this deep imprinting environment changes, then the notion of imprinting should be understood as a process – the process of chirality which is on the level of fertilization.The chirality exists in the heliocosmic space of environment and mother organism during uterine development. After the birth all of us are submerged into the mentioned heliocosmic plasma – vacuum-thermodynamic space saturated with electromagnetic and other fields that are apparently only companions contributing to the realization of chirality. Thus, our entire life passes in the above-mentioned conditions. Today, the discovery of imprinting should be considered as the discovery of a process unknown to us, or a vital cycle of an individual, or a cycle of generations, i.e. that that Berg L.S. put into the sense of the “monogenesis” notion and that Vernadsky V.I. described while introducing into his tables (the differences between inert and live substance are outlined in these tables). Chizhevskiy A.L. went into this problem during the study of z-radiation [1970]. Bauer E.S. [1935] and Gurvich A.G. came close to it, Umov N.I. wrote about this notion [1916]. Today the works by Popp F.A., 1989 on biophotons, the works of scientists from Leningrad elaborating this “layer” of science, - all this closely approaches the considered fundamental problem. Tsiolkovsky K.E. told about this in general outline in his works on science of science.In our research on telecommunication, imprinting, spinor-torsion regulation of cellular structures, information transfer, liquid-crystal structure of water, diagnosis, clinic, light-reflection of skin we provide only some fragments, important components put into the basis of spinor-torsion heterogeneities of chiral streams of vacuum (ether). One should understand geometrical and physical space basing on these viewpoints. If we imagine a cell as a ball, this means that we set a geometric representation. If area of ball surface is proportionate to its linear dimension squared, then volume is proportionate to this value cubed. As Arshavskiy I.A. underlined, this is a critical feature widely described by cytologists.There is the limit for the assimilation of the components of spinor-torsion streams, many described autotrophic processes probably being based on this. In the case when chirality is disrupted (for example, the effect of 74th parallel discovered by Kozyrev N.A.), in a cell there can be a change of attitude towards virogenia, towards a virus; the informational programs connected with the activation of some genome clusters can be altered; the phase of apoptosis, dystrophic processes occurs, a cell falls into an original pause of activity. Many infectious, dystrophic, viral, deficient processes as well as viscosity of grey-plasmic processes of liquid blood, intercellular liquid – all this is joined into initial physical space, whose basis is a highly complicated vacuum-torsion fractal.On the whole, speaking about the work of the International Scientific Research Institute of Cosmic Anthropology (ISRICA), other native and foreign scientific organizations and subdivisions, one can claim that the considered problem can be generalized into the problem of live heliocosmic substance as the problem of chirality, specific negentropic orientation in the organization of physical space of biologically active structures. We work not only with the nature of consciousness and human intelligence, but we as well touch upon the basis of every cell, intercellular relations, basic foundations of homeostatic processes: barrier, immune, xenobiotic, hormonal, releasing ones, symmetry of cerebral hemispheres.It is evidently that “diseases” or insufficiency of both cellular and intercellular processes as well as of metabolic processes are caused by the initial disruption in vacuum-dynamic basis of chirality. An interaction in planetary-cosmic scale, processes in liquid-crystal structures of water, chemical compounds change significantly their sense and must be considered as the secondary ones. The modern medicine is immersed into the secondary processes. Trying to correct a live structure, substitute some of its components (chemical, genetic), one goes towards molecular, chemical, biological technologies disregarding the basis connected with dynamics. Understanding this problem, developing new technologies, we can increase the effectiveness of treatment, prophylaxis, search for new forms of informational relations, screens protecting from cosmic danger, and finally vital cycle streams management, life prolongation and increase of capabilities and talents of future generations.At the end we wish you – to listen to the fundamental thoughts of our native scientists. To listen to the works conducted by the collective at the ISRICA, because they present a wide spectrum of ideas continuing the ideas of Russian cosmism. We should be proud that we can continue the ideas of native natural science, and we hope that physiologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, biologists, ecologists, and evolutionists will accept them in the XXI century.

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